All the presents under the tree.

What could it be??

Yes, that’s right. It is a slanky. Not a snuggie.

“What is jumbling towers?”

“Oh, it’s American Jenga!” says Barbra…

iTunes giftcard.

A Bop-it!

Delicious bottle of wine. And free bowling!

I wonder what this is?

A camera…

And a back scratcher!

Another slanky!

American Jenga, still hilarious.

Andrew swipes the iTunes card…

And Becca gets the charades….

Game is over. Elliott opens his gift.

This is the giant sized pot we purchased at Target for the Turkey Brine. We were making sure the turkey fit. It does — it’s in the Trader Joe’s bag.

This is the oven schedule on the computer. We made it nearly 2 weeks ago.

This is the pot with Corelyn as a reference.

Chopping the veggies we’re going to roast and the mushrooms for the stuffing.

Deviled egg mix.

The brine.

Broccoli gruyere gratin.

mmmm mmm good.

I had a dream that Corelyn moved to the Valley and had a laundry room with a broken washing machine. It was terrible.

Corelyn had a dream that I cooked the turkey and she was like “But wait! We were supposed to brine it!!”
Clearly we are stressed/excited/crazy about Thanksgiving and the holidays.
Get ready for an epic post tomorrow.