While those mushrooms were going, there were potatoes in the oven, rolls rising, green beans boiling, and most importantly, steaks to prepare.

These need some salt, pepper, oregano, and maybe a little A1 sauce.


That’s better…

Grill just a few minutes each side for a nice medium temperature.

Meanwhile, the rest of our meal is waiting for those steaks to cook.

I could hardly wait to take this picture before digging in…

And of course birthday cake!

And peach pie, just because! It’s good to be home!

Stay tuned for candy-making!

Sorella Cipolla here reporting from her hometown, Knoxville, TN, with lots of good cooking stories to share. Friday night we made a SCRUMPTIOUS steak dinner for my sister’s birthday and you know what that means….sauteed burgundy mushrooms. One of my all time favorite dishes. EVER.

You start with as many mushrooms as you can get. We had 4 packages.

Then throw some butter in a pan to melt.

Then throw some finely chopped shallots in the butter to saute.

When the butter is melted and the shallots start to get translucent, plop the mushrooms in the pan cap side down.

Get them nice and golden brown, then flip ’em over.

Like this!

When both sides get nice and browned up, it’s time to add the wine. RED wine, please.

Let the wine simmer and reduce.

Until you get this! Isn’t that gorgeous? Mushroom-haters, you have no idea what you’re missing. DELICIOUS.

Up Next: The rest of our steak dinner is prepared, candy-making by our guest poster Poppy, and Brisket…

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All the presents under the tree.

What could it be??

Yes, that’s right. It is a slanky. Not a snuggie.

“What is jumbling towers?”

“Oh, it’s American Jenga!” says Barbra…

iTunes giftcard.

A Bop-it!

Delicious bottle of wine. And free bowling!

I wonder what this is?

A camera…

And a back scratcher!

Another slanky!

American Jenga, still hilarious.

Andrew swipes the iTunes card…

And Becca gets the charades….

Game is over. Elliott opens his gift.