Baked lemon pasta a la PW

Posted on by Jennie

We trust the PW. Always. And so, we made her baked lemon pasta, as a prep to our cooking all the recipes in her lovely cookbook.

But, of course, we decided to add mushrooms.

Mushrooms to put in some wine.

We cut up some garlic, as well as zested a lemon.

Our lemons.

Lemon zest. Mmm mmm good.

Zest, mmmm!

Now, some buttah. Always adding love, aka buttah.

I may have burned myself. With uncooked pasta, that I burned. No worries. Onwards.

Delicious pasta. mmmm.

Garlic added to the buttah.

Who loves garlic more than me? Or Corelyn?

Sour cream to the garlic.

Delicious. We decided to finish the tomatoes and add all my mushrooms, pour some wine over it all, and simmer awhile.

Corelyn’s beautiful chargers.


[addtoany] Yum


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