The Story of Garlic, My Soul


Welcome to Garlic, My Soul. GMS is a cooking blog for real life. I want you to be able to cook at home without feeling overwhelmed, so I write recipes you can make whether you’re a beginner or someone who cooks regularly. I avoid processed foods when I can, and hope my recipes can help you do that too, while still enjoying the occasional sweet and indulgence.

Garlic, My Soul was started by Corelyn and me in 2009. We were a couple of East Coasters who moved West in hopes of adventuring along the Pacific coast, learning a bit about avocados and citrus, and enjoying year-round seventy degree weather. We started the blog to follow our mutual culinary love, and to prove to skeptics – and ourselves – that they could keep the kitchen alive with new flavors and new dishes.

In 2015, Corelyn headed off to Atlanta for new adventures, and I took over full time here in Los Angeles to run the blog with the help of my fabulous contributors. We hope you’ll join us in the kitchen, where we are constantly making food for real life, for every day, and for incorporating into your wheelhouse.


Garlic My Soul | Corelyn and Jennie

Photos by Mary Costa Photography