Corelyn and I are trying this PW challenge. We’ve made 9 of the 63 recipes. It’s only March. I feel OK about it.

A while back, we made chili. It was supposedly simple, perfect chili.

It was simple. It was not, not perfect. No offense, PW, but I am very very very sensitive to spice. And, quite frankly, 2 tablespoons of chili powder is just too much. I should have known, reading the recipe, but I trusted the PW, and nearly burned my face off. But it was delicious, so delicious that I pushed myself through it during 2 meals. So, next time we’ll do it, with much less chili powder.

During the making of the chili, I was horrified when I finished and realized I wouldn’t be able to eat it without a large amount of sour cream. Corelyn looked at me, laughed, tasted the chili, and was equally as horrified. Which made me quote my ever-favorite online video, Salad Fingers.

“Corelyn. What are we going to do?”

“I know, it is soooooooo spicy.”

“I see. Then I must leave.” And by leave, I meant fix the large problem, which cheese, sour cream, and a LOT of water.

This small Parker bowl is the root of all the problems. Look at all that spice.

This is the moment it became delicious, and inedible.

Meanwhile, our third PW recipe (we had made the cobbler earlier that day) was cornbread.

We made Andrew a batman cake for his birthday. It involved homemade cake, some store bought white frosting-turned black, and the bat symbol. It was hard. Here it is.

I then proceeded to eat all of the yellow frosting, as a reward to myself.

This is some honey-soaked feta. With some rosemary. Best idea ever, so delicious.

These are pigs in a blanket. Made from crescent rolls I wrapped around mini hot dogs. Delicious.

I think I dropped one. Oh well, I may have ate it anyways.

Corelyn makes guacamole, delicious.

We had quite a surplus of avocados because Corelyn and I went to the farmer’s market, bought three avocados that were almost ripe, then we went to the grocery store and bought another 3 avocados, and we already had one. That is 7 avocados, in case you were wondering.

This is the crowd, who is actually watching the game, whereas we are still cooking.

I made Corelyn cut the jalapeno with plastic bags on her hands, because I was concerned about her well-being.


Mystery puffs, made by Mary, Becca, and Jen

Tiramisu and cake, also made by the Girls. Delicious.

Parker bowls being put to good use.

“I got you these drill bits, since I owed you them.” – Jeff

“You didn’t OWE me drill bits. You broke one.” – Corelyn

“Jeff. You did not owe me these.”

“But I love them.” And then they smiled.

Also a flashlight, since Cor borrows ours. AKA, he got her everything she keeps borrowing. Hilarious.