Trusting the Pioneer Woman: 62 to go.

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Hello friends!

Sorry we’ve been gone for a bit. We’re working on posting on a more regular basis, and now that my work is slowing down, Corelyn and I will be able to focus on what is really important: this blog.

Right now, we’re working on our grand plans for completing the PW cook book by December 31, 2010. We’ve (accidentally) made 1 recipe already (comfort meatballs) and we’re planning on making 3 recipes today. The boys (and Becca) have a meeting this afternoon regarding Andrew’s film, so Corelyn and I are going to have a self-imposed meeting to discuss recipes, make cobbler, and update said blog.

The recipes on the slate for today, you ask?

1. Chili (for lunches)

2. Cornbread (for Chili)

3. Blueberry cobbler (because we have all the ingredients, and because it’s delicious.)

We’ll make sure to take lots of pictures (because, you know, the light is perfect and we have the time.)

Meanwhile, I will tell you about what we’ve been doing in the meantime. Corelyn’s birthday was Saturday, and we made some more Pioneer Woman recipes to feed our friends. I pawned this recipe off on Mary and Becca (and I believe Jen helped, too.)

Cricket and I, because Corelyn wanted these recipes, made Cheddar Bites and BBQ Comfort Meatballs.

The meatballs, miraculously, a) look just like the picture and b) ARE IN THE COOKBOOK.


I will investigate to find photos, and get back to you 😉


[addtoany] Yum


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