Oh, yea, the Super Bowl.

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This is some honey-soaked feta. With some rosemary. Best idea ever, so delicious.

These are pigs in a blanket. Made from crescent rolls I wrapped around mini hot dogs. Delicious.

I think I dropped one. Oh well, I may have ate it anyways.

Corelyn makes guacamole, delicious.

We had quite a surplus of avocados because Corelyn and I went to the farmer’s market, bought three avocados that were almost ripe, then we went to the grocery store and bought another 3 avocados, and we already had one. That is 7 avocados, in case you were wondering.

This is the crowd, who is actually watching the game, whereas we are still cooking.

I made Corelyn cut the jalapeno with plastic bags on her hands, because I was concerned about her well-being.



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