She Turned Beet-Red

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Melissa and I decided that we wanted to make hummus a few weeks back, but not just any hummus. Beet-red Hummus. And you guys, I swear it was so delicious!

Beet Hummus | Garlic, My Soul

Beets are so pretty, and so delicious! But – beware, they will dye your cutting boards. You can use golden beets instead, to avoid this, or use a plastic cutting board and make sure to wash it right away.

Beet Hummus
Adapted from Simply Recipes

1/2 pound beets (about 4 medium sized beets), scrubbed clean, cooked, peeled, and cubed (steam ’em until a fork comes out clean)
2 tbsp tahini
1/4 cup chick peas
5 tbsp lemon juice
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1 tbsp ground cumin
1 tbsp lemon zest (zest from approx. 2 lemons)
goat cheese

Beet Hummus | Garlic, My Soul

Mix all your ingredients together, and adjust seasonings to taste. Then, chill and serve cold with crackers or veggies or chips. It’s simple, it’s beautiful, it’s delicious, and it’s gluten free! What more could you ask for?

Beet Hummus | Garlic, My Soul

Beet Hummus | Garlic, My Soul

Oh that’s right, goat cheese sprinkled on the top. That brings it to a whole new level. (If you make some, just call me right up and I’ll be on my way over!)




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    • Jennie

      Ashley – we’re glad you love beets as much as we do! Make sure to add enough tahini, it really makes a difference. And feel free to vary from the recipe until it suits your needs – a few extra beans, more tahini, less lemon juice, etc! Hope it works, let us know how it goes!