Valentine’s Day Heart Cake

Posted on by Jennie

Guys, Valentine’s Day is this weekend – well that sure snuck up on us, and fast! This year we didn’t make a heart cake, but we still want you to have the option to make one if that’s your thing. In 2013, we made a red heart cake with Mary (of Mary Costa Photography), in 2014, we made a black heart, and last year we made a smaller mint colored heart. Over the years we’ve pulled in various friends of various talents to help us shoot this fun cake, and we encourage you to make this with a friend, your family, or your Valentine!

Garlic, My Soul | Mint Heart CakeBlack Heart Cake | Garlic, My Soul HeartCake_0867 The tutorial is here¬†and explains just how to cut and carve your way to a three or four layer cake of hearty goodness (I can’t stop/won’t stop these puns!).

Garlic, My Soul | Mint Heart Cake Garlic, My Soul | Mint Heart Cake HeartCake_0458 Black Heart Cake | Mary Costa Photography | For Garlic, My SoulBlack Heart Cake | Garlic, My Soul Thanks to Mary for most of the above photos! If you make a heart cake, let us know! Tweet at us and use our hashtag, #GMSForRealLife! Happy almost-Valentine’s Day, lovers!


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