so hot outside/you could fry an egg

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This weekend, Los Angeles is going to be seeing 100 degree weather. For a girl like me who wants to stay healthy, eat home cooked meals, but has no air conditioning, this seems to be a challenge.

I turned my oven on the day before last, which was a terrible idea, so last night we stuck to the stove top (which really was still too hot.)

Here are some recipes to keep you cool in this August heat.

These are peach-orange smoothies from Mel. Something tells me this will be my breakfast for the next week.

A Chopped Italian Salad from Onions & Chocolate. I might actually just head to her house and have her whip me one up.

I must admit, I’m a sucker for summer salad. Here’s another¬†with parm, celery, and beans. Yum!

I also might finally have to foray into homemade popsicles….someone come over and help me, please? (I’m looking at you, Megan.)

I’m also craving this recipe from Corelyn last year…it might be time for some shrimp dishes!

What are you favorite summertime dishes? What gets you through the hot days??


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