PW Challenge Final Hours- live blogging

Posted on by Corelyn

Hello friends!┬áJennie and I got started cooking about an hour ago. We’ve got four more recipes to make today and then we’ll be done. Not to mention we’re hosting a Christmas party at Jennie’s house tonight, and we need to be washed, clean, pretty and done photographing all of our food by the time the guests arrive around 7:00. At the moment, I’m taking advantage of a brief interlude in the cooking schedule while Jennie runs out to purchase some forgotten, but necessary, powdered sugar. Just another day in the life, really…

Today will be an interesting experiment because we’re cooking a lot of flour-based sweets for tonight’s party but we’re also trying to keep the small apartment friendly for gluten-free needs. Since flour can hang around in the air for several hours, and since mixing together dry ingredients tends to create huge tufts of what can only be called “flour vapor,” we’ve decided to take an extra precaution today and do all our mixing outside on the porch.

The porch is about 3′ x 4′, just big enough to fit both of us, the camera, a small table with mixing bowls, a hand mixer and extension cord, and one full cup of coffee. On a related note, it’s about 80 degrees in L.A. today, just because our city likes to surprise us like that. So it’s an adventure to be sure.

Get ready for some photos of me mixing sugar cooking dough in my spaghetti strap tank top and sunglasses.

Jennie just got home from the grocery store, so it’s back to cooking for me. Ciao!


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