June Produce Guide: What’s In Season

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I can’t believe June’s almost over and I haven’t posted this yet!! Sorry team, I’ve been a bit behind with travel and pregnancy and guys it’s 107 degrees here and I can’t believe. Anyways, I’m here now with a roundup of what’s in season and some recipes you can make when it’s less than 107 degrees out and you can actually turn on your oven.

Bell Pepper

I’m starting with this Avocado Date Smoothie. Because you don’t have to turn the oven on for this one, right? Add plenty of extra ginger to this one because you need a great balance of sweet, smooth, and ginger.

Next up, you guys I am so obsessed with blueberries right now I can’t even help it. I’ve been eating tons of berries which has been great for the baby, I’m telling myself, and I’ve been getting in ALL THE FRUIT. I think being this pregnant in the summer was a good time to if only for the fruit intake. This Blueberry Crostata is the perfect way to appreciate a big batch of berries. Get at it.

I will never not tell you to make this Strawberry Spinach Salad. It is full of strawberries, spinach, micro greens, and burrata. Who can say no to burrata?! Not me. Add whatever greens you want (maybe spinach and/or arugula) and if you’re feeling crazy, maybe add blueberries or some other fruit? Just.saying.

Finally, because I am not a monster, here’s a cocktail recipe. With in-season veggies of course. These Bell Pepper & Radish Martinis are bomb. Sweet. Boozy. Perfect. I can’t have one of these, but you should. Or maybe I’ll make some virgin ones. Which, basically then is just juice. But delicious juice!

Go forth. Use this list to get your seasonal produce. Make some delicious foods. Have some amazing smoothies and maybe bring me over a cocktail?


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