January Produce: What’s In Season

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2016 is here, and with it comes a new batch of in-season ingredients! Here’s what we got going on this month:

Brussels Sprouts
Winter Squash

And, here our some of our fave winter recipes:

Beet Greens & Citrus Smoothie | Garlic, My Soul

This Beet & Citrus Smoothie is perfect for long winter nights. It even uses the beet greens, so go ahead & keep ’em. Make a batch of these and have them for breakfast all week long – or mid-morning snacks. Add a little coconut milk or water, if you’re feeling fancy.

VeeV Spirits | Veggie Fall Tarts | Garlic, My Soul

We made this Veggie Tart and I think it’s perfect for this time of year – feel free to use acorn squash instead of butternut, or whatever you’re feeling. I love how the rosemary, onion, and cheese all crisp up. This is a great appetizer or paired with a soup for a filling¬†dinner.Paleo Chili | Garlic, My Soul

I just made this Paleo Chili because, as I mentioned, I am doing Whole30. I subbed beef for turkey and instead of zucchini and green squash I used sweet potatoes – yum. Use what you have, though – I have no doubt a butternut squash and some kale would be great here, too.

Roasted Parmesan Lemon Broccoli | Garlic, My Soul

Roasted.Broccoli.Is.Everything.¬†It is all I want this time of year – really crispy with lemon (and if you’re eating cheese, Parmesan) and really hot. Paired with almost anything it’s great – throw it on a salmon salad, have it as a side to your steak, munch on it as a snack.

What are you guys eating this time of year? Are you snacking on tons of citrus, making lemon bars, or throwing a handful of pomegranate on anything (I’ve been known to do this…)


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