August Produce Guide

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August Produce Guide | Garlic, My Soul | Girl Love That

Guys, I realize it’s two thirds through the month, and once again I am behind. I am very pregnant and I although I know it’ll be hard once I actually have Charlie, I am hoping I’ll bounce back and get back on track. Thanks for your patience! Anyways, August is another great month full of delicious produce in abundance. I love stone fruit! I love summer tomatoes! I am getting my fill of berries before they’re gone! Here’s what we’ve got going on:

Green Beans
Stone Fruit
Summer Squash

So what to make? Lots of options besides just piling all these veggies on your plate and calling it a perfect summer salad. We’re here to help you avoid food waste and eat all the random stuff in your CSA or garden or veg you bought and realized now you have nothing to do with. We’re here for you.

First of all, I am ALL ABOUT summer dessert. Gimme dat I will never not want to make Blueberry Crostata. You can do this with whatever berries you’ve got on hand, but blueberries are bomb, I promise you.

I feel like I’m just giving you all dessert, but ice pops are important and these are healthier than sugar-filled ones from the store. I made this with Plumcots but you can use any stone fruit here with some cream. Such a great snack! And not too sugary, I swear.

If you can find good tomatoes, this salad is just.freaking.good. Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Shallots, and some acidic vinegar, and BOOM salad. Throw some cheese in if you’re feelin’ sassy. Like a burrata? Heaven. Add some crusty bread and it’s like a full meal folk.

Zucchini Noodles, the perfect summer dinner for when you’re garden (or CSA) is out.of.control. These are paleo too, if ya leave the cheese out, and vegetarian, and vegan, all the things. Add chicken or cheese or whatever to make it more of a meal, but enjoy with sundried tomatoes for a perfectly sweet and summery dish.


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