Yes we can, can.

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So this weekend was supposed to pave the way for Sorella Senzaglutine (Melissa) and I to can. Barbra Kingslover said we could. Better Homes and Gardens said we could. Melissa said we could. Our friend Sierra sent us canning supplies so we could.

Then I broke my finger, like an idiot. And then I started researching canning, and all the information about the acidity of the food and the¬†botulism spores and the reality of canning sunk in. And I figured it’d be prudent to do a little more research before delving into a project that could leave one of us food poisoned. Melissa thinks I’m crazy. I think with my broken finger I’m just nervous. Anyhow, M started a Google Doc and a library list and some websites, and we’ll be taking Sunday to plan instead of actually can. Unless upon research it’s ridiculously easy and she convinces me to just do it. Meanwhile, I am interested in learning how to can, what I can can, and about the difference between water bath canning and other kinds.¬†Preserving¬†food, here I come!

Do any of you can? Tell me about it! Have you ever been worried about the jars sealing, etc?


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