winter woes and indian summers

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I don’t know if a heat wave in January counts as an Indian Summer, but I don’t know what else to call this 85 degree weather we’re having in Los Angeles. Just as many people across the country are settling into their full-fledged winter, we’re heating up on this coast. And though many would find it a nice reprieve, I must say it’s tiring to always have it be 85 degrees, especially when winter squash abound and everyone else in the world is posting chili and stew and soup on their blogs.

Cut to MattBites, who did this awesome post about citrus. Thank you, Matt, for finding some common ground for me.

This made me crave lemon, orange, lime, and everything citrus! Citrus fruits have been the only fruits I’ve felt OK buying lately (I haven’t made it to the farmer’s market, and when that happens I try to only buy US grown produce from TJs.) The photograph above is from this number back in 2010. I can’t believe we haven’t made that recipe in over a year. Mary, let’s make this again, stat.

The lemon post from Matt got me thinking other people might have citrus on the brain, and sure enough a quick look around my usual food blogs came up with the following:

A delicious recipe for Citrus Salt. Can life get better than that?

A story about grapefruit season in Los Angeles. Which I don’t know if I can embrace yet. My taste buds have some growing up to do.

Marmalade to go along with…

…a olive oil cake to die for (with clementines, for good measure.)

This organization, that picks local abundant citrus to donate to food banks.

This got me wondering what kinds of citrus fruits there are, and also made me wonder what the difference between a tangerine and a clementine is…which of course, lead me to the health benefits of clementines.

This is the scene I have looking me in the face this weekend: piles upon piles of citrus. 85 in January might not be ideal, but I think I’ll use this as an opportunity to try out some refreshing citrus recipes that will get me through this “Indian Summer.”





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