Whiskey Soaked Currants + Irish Soda Bread

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Irish Soda Bread | Garlic, My Soul

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, chickens!

This year, we went over to a friend’s house a few nights ago to celebrate this most Irish, and therefore Bostonian, of holidays. There was Guinness and potatoes and shamrock-shaped cookies, and I made Soda Bread on request, since it is one of my fave things and reminds me of my mom and growing up and learning the ropes in Los Angeles all in one tiny delicious buttered bundle.

Irish Soda Bread | Garlic, My Soul

When I moved to Los Angeles, I wanted to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some soda bread. St. Patrick’s Day in LA is often overlooked, with none of the parades, shouting frat boys, car bomb shots at every local pub, and generally good cheer in which it was celebrated during my college years in Boston.

I couldn’t find currants anywhere. None to be found in my local groceries stores, and this before I ventured routinely to the bulk bins of Whole Foods, where I eventually did find some a couple years later. But I found raisins, I had my mom’s recipe, and off I went.

This year, as I volunteered once again to whip out the bread, my host B and I walked through the recipe he uses and the importance of soaking the raisins with whiskey, so the end product bread isn’t dry. I used currants, of course, and made sure to let them soak overnight in whiskey so that they were plump and juicy when they were mixed into A Cozy Kitchen’s batter. I also have a recipe here, that’s a little sweeter than the one I used, if that’s your jam. I made it with my friend A which was why I love baking and holidays – a chance to spend time doing something you love with people you love! And, of course, then drinking beers on 90 degree days.

Irish Soda Bread | Garlic, My Soul Irish Soda Bread | Garlic, My Soul

Whatever your fave recipe, I hope you make it tonight and have soda bread for breakfast all week – it seems like the best way to welcome in spring coming later this week. Make sure to slather each piece with a hefty serving of butter and drink a cup of tea or coffee with this for maximum happiness.

Hope you’re celebrating wherever you are tonight, friends!


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