Weekly Roundup: Things that matter

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So today I wanted to bring a couple of items to your attention I find to be important, and interesting, and that I want to discuss with you!

One: This article on whether organic is getting too big for it’s own good. It’s a fascinating insight to what makes something organic, and all the work (and bureaucracy) that goes on behind the scenes. My immediate thinking is that bigger is better for larger change, but I understand that this means that the ultimate efforts of the original organic farmers get lost in the shuffle. Thoughts?

Two: Let’s talk about exercising and hunger. I think I am going to do a “Healthy” month coming up, because I think that healthy eating doesn’t have to mean miserable, diet-filled days and hunger, sad nights. I’ve been exercising in the mornings, but I think incorporating some fuel into my morning workouts will help me boost my run times.

What do you guys eat before working out? When do you work out? 

Three: Coconut oil.

So I have this coconut oil that I got in the mail from Tropical Traditions. I am going to discuss with Becca how to use it (and soon!) because we already use + love coconut oil. Stay tuned for something exciting in the future that I am sure will make you all happy!

Four: Avocados. I need to make an avocado smoothie this minute. I plan on maybe doing this next Friday before my race…I think this’ll help me run the 5k. Have you guys ever run a 5k? What did you eat beforehand?

Five: I made this pasta last night for eleven friends, and I am still dreaming of it. Luckily it’s also what I have for lunch! I can’t believe it took me two and a half years to make it again, but I will never wait that long again — you should have this for dinner tonight. I also made it in my turkey roasting pan, because I didn’t have another pan big enough to fit all three pounds of pasta. My turkey roasting pans lives under the credenza. Raise your hand if you need to move (raises hand.)

YUMMY. (Please ignore my two and a half year old photography skills. Thank you.)

Happy weekend, friends!!


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