Weekly Roundup: Stocking Up

Posted on by Jennie

We’ve found ourselves at the end of a short week, friends! If you’re like me, you’re gearing up for a healthy round of kale and carrots as you detox from a wild and crazy (and exercise-light) holiday, but you’ve just gotten home from traveling and have only pasta, mac and cheese, and some questionable jarred sauces in your pantry. As you stock back up, here are some helpful tips on how to keep your pantry full! First, we love this helpful chart:


Green Plate Rule’s tips for a healthy stocked pantry give us great ideas on what to store, and we also love her pantry page for a rundown of what she keeps on hand.

We also love The Gracious Pantry’s list of what to have lying around, and her suggestion for clean eating: pick on thing in your pantry to replace each week. This is especially true if you’re making a lifestyle change (see keeping your resolutions) because you’ll want them to be changes that last!

Finally, this checklist from Real Simple is super helpful, and should help you to build your very own for your needs!

What do you keep in your pantry? Is any of it getting tossed for a 2013 clean out/resolution?


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