Thursday Fun Facts

Posted on by Jennie

Fun Fact One

Dicing onions doesn’t have to lead to tears. Here’s a video to show you a quick tutorial, and the secret to onions in salad success? Soak ’em in water.

 Fun Fact Two

Garbanzo Beans and Chickpeas are the same thing. Use them in salad, to make hummus, or a delicious chocolate dip. They’re very versatile, and a good protein to have in your wheelhouse.

Fun Fact Three

It doesn’t cost more to eat healthy. A recent study showed that per portion, fruits tend to be cheaper than junk.

 Fun Fact Four

You shouldn’t panic about pesticides on your fruit and veggies. There isn’t so much evidence to support the fact that residual pesticides cause us harm, and shopping organically can lower your exposure even more.

Fun Fact Five

You can make your own yogurt. And it’s not hard. I’m planning on making it in the very near future, so stay tuned for a delicious delve into homemade, cheap yogurt!!




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