The lost night: doughnuts

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When we had our photo shoot with Mary, we made a bunch of food to go with the shoot. One of those things was doughnuts, and we made these from scratch on a night that we also made muffins and pancakes.

We promised you photographic evidence. Then, I got the plague, and we had a photo shoot, and Corelyn moved back east, and I went along for the ride, and, well, we never got around to posting them.

Here they are.

Here is the doughnut dough, rising. This, by the way, is the the recipe we used for the doughnuts.

Mary and Scott were fighting about something, but as this was more than six months ago, I’m not sure what…

They nicely smiled for a photograph, though.

Meanwhile, Corelyn and I were doing some real work, frying some doughnuts.

It was a team effort as we raced to get them out of the oil at the right moment.

Oh, hello!

This, my friends, is the right moment.

Everyone was anxiously awaiting this moment…

There you have it! Doughnuts. Deep fried and delicious. I ate two and didn’t feel bad about either.




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