"The cake I want for my birthday is brownies."

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For Jeff’s birthday, nearly 2 months ago (so we’re a little behind, what do you want from us?) I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday. He, of course, wanted Outrageous Brownies. Obviously. So Corelyn and I set out to make him what he wanted. Here is the photographic evidence that we love Jeff enough to make him brownies that call for a pound of butter.

This is Corelyn trying to tell me that something we’re about to do is horrifying, per usual.

First, you melt some baker’s chocolate in a double boiler, or in our case, two sauce pans.

Then you add an unreasonable amount of chocolate chips.

Then, you painstakingly put a pound of butter in with the chocolate.

Stir, to avoid, you know, burning said chocolate and butter.

Secret 1: Instant coffee.

Check the cook book that Jeff has made. It’s a cookbook for our kitchen of our usuals. And recipes Jeff wishes I’d make more, such as Outrageous brownies.¬†We gave one to Ryan for a graduation gift, and Jeff made one for us, too.

Pour some of your carton of sugar in with the eggs, and the instant coffee.
Key to getting the brownies out at the end? Flouring the pan…well.
Don’t worry, if you were concerned that there wasn’t enough chocolate in the recipe, we definitely made sure to add some chocolate chips, whole, to the brownies. Because what kind of brownies AREN’T full of chocolate chips?
Non-outrageous ones. And we don’t play like that.
Being judged. I care not.


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