Thanksgiving Thursday: Prune Cake

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As you know, Corelyn and I get up early every Thanksgiving morning, shove a turkey cavity full of aromatics, and stick in in the oven. Then, we have several hours until the troops arrive that we use to do a crossword, watch the parade, and eat breakfast. Our go-to breakfast for Thanksgiving has always been the PW Prune Cake, which is sweet, savory, and perfect.


The great thing about the cake is that it is even better on day two (or three) and since we always make it in advance, it’s guaranteed to be the perfect cake to tide us over until dinner on Thanksgiving afternoon. And it goes amazingly with a big cup (or three) of coffee.


The problem is, you say the words “prune” and you get looks immediately, not to mention cake for breakfast is a little, shall we say, non-traditional. Plus, what it has in flavor, it lacks in protein and we definitely want to make sure we’re not hungry by mid-day. And we always seem to have leftover prune cake because there are too many baked goods that are more Thanksgiving-style.

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As you may have seen Tuesday, we’ve concocted some savory breakfast muffins that just might be our new go-to for Thanksgiving morning…they have sausage, and cheese, and broccoli, and they transport and reheat easily.

So, what do you think we should do? Should we stick with prune cake, and enjoy having a sweet breakfast one day of the year, or should we make the savory breakfast muffins that add a little more balance to our day? Tell us what you’d do!


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