Thanksgiving 2013: Live Blog

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5:37 PM (Jennie via Eva’s fingers) Dinner has been eaten. Even though Eva forgot the hot cups like an idiot. An adorable idiot. Dinner was delicious. We had 18 for dinner, and now the dessert people are starting to arrive. I am whipping cream. Which is why Eva is typing. And in a moment we will eat pie. I would keep writing but I have to go to the photo booth. Only a few of us burnt ourselves. Jennie out.

Now Eva is here to recap a “cups” tutorial which turned into an epic battle. A cups-off, if you will, but only if you will. Traci decided, as she usually does in a group of more than herself, that we all needed to play the camp cups game with her. She taught. We learned-ish. And then as the cookie crumbles, she was challenged at her own game. There’s video here. Now I have to go. The ladle just fell in the cider. Eva out.

3:29 PM (Corelyn) Dinner is in one minute! We are, miraculously, on schedule! Things are being warmed and put out with serving spoons. Guests are being told to grab drinks and a seat at the table. Someone just shouted “There’s turkey all over the floor!” and I am afraid to find out why. It was hectic for a couple of hours, but now it’s time to sit down and tuck in. Happy Thanksgiving!!

2:57 PM (Jennie) Hey guys! After we left you, we got ready and started to make. (I just ran around for four minutes, after realizing what time it was and that things had to come out of the oven.)

Our stuffing is out, our Brussels are out, and things are beginning to warm. Dinner is in about 27 minutes, and then we’ll be sitting down to our big table of twenty people. We hope that you have been having a lovely Thanksgiving and that you’re full of turkey!!

11:17 AM (Jennie) You guys, Corelyn is getting ready, and “Dance with Somebody” just came on Songza. What a wonderful day! I facetimed with my family and got a tour of all the food they’re making while I was tenting the turkey. Corelyn and I finished a crossword, and the text messages are coming from friends getting ready to make their way over to the house. In a minute I’ll be getting ready, and then at 11:30 we’re starting to get the real cooking underway…

10:42 AM (Corelyn) We just covered the turkey in tin foil, so it won’t get too brown too early. Jennie is face-timing with her family, and I just polished off my third cup of coffee. Contemplating making more. Things are peaceful. For now.

9:39 AM (Jennie) Corelyn was gracious enough to let me make her listen to City High’s rendition of “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” and Natalie Merchant’s “Go Where I Send Thee” so now we’re listening to Songza’s Thanksgiving “Cooking & Dancing” station. (By the way, thanks to Lisa B. for introducing us to such a glorious thing!) Next up is a bit of relaxing before we start the next round of cooking. Corelyn is printing the Toronto Metro crossword, coffee cups are full. It’s a good day.

9:26 AM (Corelyn) Jennie is making us listen to Christmas music. Somehow in 5 years of friendship and 5 Thanksgivings together, I have never noticed that she does this. Personally, I prefer to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to turn on the Christmas jams, but earlier this morning she hoisted a turkey in the air so I could rub butter on its underside, so I can let this slide.

9:02 AM (Corelyn) We put the turkey in the oven 15 minutes ago. She was slathered in butter and almost too big for the roasting pan. It was glorious. Now, we are enjoying our coffee and savory breakfast muffins while Jennie searches online for parade coverage.

Also, you might notice things look a bit different around here! We are so thrilled to be launching a newly redesigned website today! Special thanks to Jeff who put in so much work making this new design become a reality, and thanks to Mary Costa for taking some new lovely photos of us!

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