A Summer Solstice Menu

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Last weekend was the summer solstice and we had the chance to celebrate with some of our favorite blogger friends. The incredible Kate of Farmhouse38 put together a beautiful event at her home and invited a few of us over to enjoy the summer air with food, drinks, and plenty of shop talk.

Garlic My Soul | Summer Solstice Invite by VerySarieGorgeous invitations and menus were made by VerySarie

Jennie and I set out to plan the perfect menu for a summer party. Something that would feel fresh and summery while easily feeding twenty people. We stuck to the classics and relied on my family’s basic barbecue chicken and potato salad recipes.

Garlic My Soul | Mac and CheeseAnd, of course BBQ chicken should always come with macaroni and cheese. That’s just a rule.

For a little more adventure, we made our prosciutto pear bites and an incredible zucchini crudo by kissmyspatula.

Prosciutto Pear Bites | Garlic, My SoulA fresh garden salad and a cheese and charcuterie plate rounded out the meal. Add a few gorgeous cocktails by bourbonandgoose and desserts by beyondfrosting, and you’ve got the makings of an unforgettable summer solstice party.

Garlic My Soul | Summer Solstice Menu by VerySarieWhat do you think we should make next year?


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