September Produce: What’s in Season

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We blinked. It was September. No one knows how these things happen, they just do. But we’ve found ourselves almost to labor day and suddenly cooler weather is here (for one second, we know you LA, you’re about to heat right back up) and we’re getting excited for the harvest season.

Bok Choy
Brussels Sprouts
Snap Peas

There are some dishes I want you to make immediately that make fall my favorite month.

Apple Bread | Garlic My Soul

This apple bread is everything you guys. Talk about fall in a dish. This was made for our friend Jeremy’s birthday a few years back, and it was a great decision. A perfect snack, breakfast, or a celebratory treat!

Brussels Sprout Hash | Garlic, My Soul

This Brussels Sprout Hash is one of our new classics for Thanksgiving. The chard, bacon, Brussels, and spices come together for a savory sweet unexpected side that will make everyone happy – who doesn’t love Brussels when they have bacon in them!?

Pear Crisp | Garlic, My Soul

Crisp is one of fave desserts, but Pear Crisp we love for its rich flavors and crunchy top. We love apples, but when it comes to crisp, I think that pear wears it best. This is a great dish to cook in your cast iron and serve sizzling hot with cold ice cream.

Creamy Potato Soup | Garlic, My Soul

This is one of Jeff’s favorite dishes, and when the weather turns here (which won’t be for a month, curse you LA!) we will be rotating in Creamy Potato Soup for dinners. This is a great comfort food for a chilly night!

What are you guys looking forward to eating this fall? Let me know!


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