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I posted about the Toddy last summer, but on account of tomorrow being the first day of summer, I figured I’d repost this, so you can read (again) about the joys of a perfect iced coffee. Call it our Throwback Thursday, if you will! I pulled my Toddy out yesterday, and I am brewin’ up this weekend! Enjoy.

So my best friend in the whole world recently sent me a Toddy Cold Brew System. She claimed it would make a lovely, acid-free iced coffee — and she was very, very right.

It’s pretty similar to the iced coffee I showed you earlier in the summer – only this coffee has a filter, so it is less acidic (which makes for a happier stomach!) The coffee is a smidge sweeter than normal iced coffee, which takes a bit of getting used to, but let me tell you my  acid reflux has thanked me (and my taste buds, for that matter!)

Here’s your cast of characters: toddy system, water, coffee, scale.

This is the filter. It’s coffee dirty. Sorry. You dampen, then place at the bottom of the system. Under that is a stopper that keeps the coffee from getting into the glass carafe while it’s brewing.

So you take your coffee and add it to the system, alternating water, coffee, water, coffee, water, coffee, water. The instruction manual is more in detail, but you get the idea.

Then you let your coffee sit for 12 hours (overnight.)

In the morning, your coffee grinds will look like this. Awesome.

At which point you take your stopper out and let it drain.

I let it drain for about fifteen minutes.

The thing about the Toddy is that it makes coffee concentrate, so you need to add water. I use about half and half, although the Toddy suggests you use one third to two thirds water. Whatever floats your boat.

I also like to add a splash of milk, because I like the way it looks, and because it tastes delicious.

See? Delicious, non-acidic, iced coffee.

Come on over, and I’ll make you a glass! Thanks to Lauren for sending it to me to try — you were right, it’s awesome.


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