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So if you’re like me and love coffee, you might be torn in the summer on what to do – iced? hot? suffer through a dripping cup, sweating all over, or suffer through hot flashes as you drive to work with hot coffee and no AC? (Do you have these problems? No? Hello? Anyone?)

I’ve officially made the transition to iced coffee, even though Los Angeles has officially made the transition into June Gloom. But that is another story for another time.

So I ventured to make the PW’s iced coffee, which is also in her book.

Here is the recipe from the book – I accidentally made two recipes from the book in one night – a sign to do another PW challenge??

Ree makes it in a two-gallon sized container. I don’t have such things, so I opted for a quart container. This means, according to Ree’s math, I need 2 ounces of coffee. I made it once with 2 ounces, and it seemed a little weak, so I added an ounce.

Say “Oh hay, girl, hay” to this coffee from Colombia. Ana brought it back for me because she’s the best girl I know. Thanks again, Ana!

Here are my beans. <Sigh.>

Grind coffee, and place in the bottom of your container.

Fill with water. Flaunt newly made iced coffee at your coffee maker. Say, “I don’t need you!” and have your Brita and grinder gang up too. In your face, coffee maker!

(Too much?)

Make sure to stir, so your coffee doesn’t all end up at the top.

Leave your coffee overnight. Mine sat about 10 hours. Get out a bowl and some cheese cloth (or, as Jeff pointed out when I ran out of cheese cloth, your reusable coffee filter from your coffee maker.) (So I guess I do need you, coffee maker. I’m sorry I was mean last night. Truly.)

Ahhh. Coffee.

Say goodbye to the grinds, and you’re left with pure coffee.

And this is what you’re left with. Delicious iced coffee. Stick it in the fridge a few hours before you serve it up – it’s better cold. This batch lasts me about four days…I’m thinking of making two quarts at a time. I’ll let you know how that goes! I drink mine black, but you can add milk, sweet condensed milk, like Ree, or anything that pleases your lil ole heart!

How do you make your coffee? At home? Iced? From your local coffee shop? Do you like espresso, or plain coffee, or tea?


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