PW Challenge: Penne alla Betsy

Posted on by Jennie

My friend Jenn came to town for business, and a quick visit, and while she was here we tackled the following:

First you have to clean the shrimp, which to me was grosser than stuffing a turkey and killing a chicken combined. But I persevered.

All nice and clean!

Then, obviously, you put them in some butter…

Tomatoes, onion, butter,what could be better?

Oh yea, cream! That is what could be better. Cream shaped like a turkey!

We think that PW got a little frazzled by this recipe, because no where does it say to cut the shrimp up. But we¬†inferred, by her pictures…and stalked her website and found this.

And in they go!

Add some fresh basil, some fresh parsley.

Now add some Al Dente pasta (we used wheat pasta!)

Realize your pan is too small. Transfer to a sauce pot.



[addtoany] Yum


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