PW Challenge: Chocolate Sheet Cake

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Start with some butter. Two sticks, to be exact.

Mmmmm, buttah.

You add some chocolate, and you stir that all together. Meet Heaven.

You have some flour over here, and some eggs.

You add the delicious chocolatey butter to the flour.

You then add the egg mixture to the flour-chocolate-butter, but we’d rather not show you that. Trust me, you don’t want to see it.

You need to get some cupcake papers ready in case you’re making some cupcakes for your friends who are allergic to nuts, as this recipe calls for pecans.

You need to scoop some goodness into the cupcakes for your nut-allergy friend.

Then you put the rest onto a rimmed cookie sheet (hence sheet cake.)

Delicious, this is what we’re headed towards.

Ok, now you’re going to take a sip of wine, and you’re going to carry on. Even if you’re sick, and you’re tired, and you’re ready to quit. Get serious people. Time for the frosting.

Mmmm more chocolate.

Look familiar?

Don’t worry. You’re going to add a pound of powdered sugar. (I know you were worried.)

A pound? The whole pound? Yes, yes, and yes.

OK, now you need to put some chocolate frosting aside. For your nut-allergy friend.

Now you’re going to add some nuts, delicious. MM-MM pecans.

So good, I can’t STAND it.

Are you ready?

Oh, oh, so good. Too good.

Thank you Corelyn, and Ms. Lake, for making sure to teach us to get every.last.drop.

Delicious. Just perfect. (Don’t forget to frost those cupcakes you left to the side for your nut allergy friend.)

Now serve the cake to someone you REALLY like.


[addtoany] Yum


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