Pre-Thanksgiving Prep: HAP House

Posted on by Jennie

So in case you haven’t gathered yet, MAC is GF (gluten free.) Because of this fact, she couldn’t come over to bake with us, but we had video-conference with her.

First, we had to make a red velvet cake for Jen’s birthday. Hopefully since we’re with her today she won’t read this until tomorrow, on her birthday, thus not ruining the cake-photos pre-Birthday.

I would like you to know that we didn’t have enough red food coloring because the PW calls for an ounce. Which, as it turns out, is three and some change of those little ones that come with four colors. And who has more than one of those in their house anyways? I did, but only two, so the cake is kind of pinky-red, but it’ll do. Dear PW: Where do you get so much food coloring??

As we were finishing the red velvet we needed to make the Prune Coffee Cake.


[addtoany] Yum


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