Popsicle Week: Fudge Pops

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Fudge Pops | Garlic, My Soul

You guys, I have been waiting to write about these for too long. I love, love, love Fudgesicles. I love all things chocolate, so it makes sense that I would want to make them into pop form, right? Luckily these are wicked easy and they are just as good as if you got the premade ones from the store, I promise.

I have so many vivid memories of ice pops + summer evenings that I cannot count them all, but the nostalgia I feel when eating fudge pops is a deep and good one. I feel like it’s dangerous how easy this is, because I always have these ingredients in the house, and because I will eat one every day from now until eternity since I live in the land of the endless summer.

Fudge Pops | Garlic, My Soul


2 cups milk
2 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp maple syrup
1 cup chocolate chips (dark or regular!)


1. Heat milk until warm, not boiling. Remove from heat and whisk in cocoa and maple syrup.
2. Pour milk over chocolate chips, and mix until melted. Whisk well and pour into molds. 3. Freeze until solid, about 5 hours or overnight.

Fudge Pops | Garlic, My Soul Fudge Pops | Garlic, My Soul

Up tomorrow, my fave popsicle of all time, because I know you’re all wondering what is the top of the top for me…any guesses?


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