Pioneer Woman Challenge: 2010

Our love of The Pioneer Woman’s cooking blog is older than our own blog. Her eclectic home-style kitchen creations sang to our heart-songs, and we’d been devotees of her recipes long before Jennie received the Pioneer Woman Cookbook for Christmas in 2009. Emboldened by our friends and family’s warm reception of our young blog, and since we’d both recently read Julie and Julia, we decided we needed a project. In February of 2010, the Pioneer Woman Challenge was born. It seemed like a simple plan. 65 recipes in a little under 12 months seemed like a comfortable pace, and it was for a while. By Autumn of 2010, however, we started to feel the crunch. The last few months of the PW Challenge were a frenzied race to the finish line, and we loved every second of it. We learned to trust the Pioneer Woman and to trust each other. We also gained about ten pounds of butter weight. Read through the PW Challenge posts to relive the madness.

If you’d like to see the mayhem unfolding, check out all the PW Challenge Posts here.

This post should have been titled “We are assholes.” Because we are. Corelyn and I were all set to make fried chicken. We had a schedule. We were sticking to the schedule. It didn’t matter that Corelyn was moving in …

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Here’s the thing: we’re a little behind. Yet, we are determined to get this challenge done by 12/31/2010, and get it done we will. We are resilient. We are strong women. We are stubborn. We might ask beg for help. …

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We made it. I hated it. Sorry, PW, but gross. Also, we apparently did not photograph it. Luckily, Corelyn made this infograph to explain casseroles, which is what Chicken Spaghetti was, for certain.

That’s some gluten free flour. I swear. See, there it is! It’s marvelous!! Thank you King Arthur, thank you. The Pioneer Woman is BACK. We are back on, PW, we are so back on. So first you make a roux …

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