PW Challenge: Gluten free enchiladas

Posted on by Jennie

That’s some gluten free flour. I swear.

See, there it is! It’s marvelous!! Thank you King Arthur, thank you.

The Pioneer Woman is BACK. We are back on, PW, we are so back on.

So first you make a roux (with the gluten free flour and buttah…)

Then you add the enchilada sauce…

Then you add some ground beef (by which I mean ground turkey) and an onion together, and you let ’em have it.

Then you add some green chiles. Yum. And you know, some spices.

You have to soften the corn tortillas with some canola oil.

We decided to make beans alongside the enchiladas, to knock two recipes out.

Mmm bacon.

Then you gotta put the enchiladas together, using the ground turkey and onion mix, with green onions and some cheese. We missed the step where you are supposed to dip the tortillas into the enchilada sauce. (Elliott says we don’t need to do that, anyways, which was proven when we ate them and they were still delicious.)

And then, they were done. Here they are:

Here we go, PW. We’re so back on. Delicious.


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