Perfect Summer Potato Salad

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Potato Salad | Garlic, My Soul

I love dill you guys. I love dill, I love pickles, I love sour. LOVE IT. Corelyn did not like dill, which was a bummer, and I MIGHT have gone a little overboard making this dilly potato salad for a barbecue recently since she wasn’t there.

This potato salad uses sour cream instead of mayo, and equal parts vinegar and mustard to give it a little tang. The recipe is here, but it’s pretty loose – add more of whatever you like the most – if this is true dry for you, add more wet ingredients. Do what looks like a delicious creamy dish. I kind of just added equal parts vinegar and mustard then took the edge off with sour cream until Ana said it was OK. My friends get my need for constant taste-testers.

Potato Salad | Garlic, My Soul

If you don’t like dill, you can make this without the dill, and add in some other herb you do like – parsley, or rosemary, even! I’m looking at you, Cor.

This is great served extra cold with a hot piece of BBQ chicken and an ear of corn, with some lettuce on the side for good measure.

Potato Salad | Garlic, My Soul

What’s your fave kind of potato salad? Do you like dill? Tell me what your fave herb-potato combo is!


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