Weeknight Dinner: Pea Pesto

Posted on by Jennie

My sorella told me I should make pea pesto. I was having Rebecca over to help me make the rose cake, so I wooed her with pea pesto. The pesto recipe looked good, but I only had sweet peas, and I was worried between the frosting and the peas we’d be sugar high…picture the ending of Empire Records…ok anyways. And so, I adapted.

Here are my peas, and my olive oil, and my pine nuts. And, for good measure, and to cut the sweets, some fresh basil!

All together now…

Delicious. In the end, I added mozzarella cheese, and put peas in with the whole wheat pasta, too. The pesto was still pretty sweet, and I’d suggest half and half peas and basil, with olive oil, pine nuts, parm cheese, and garlic.


[addtoany] Yum


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