Memorial Day: What to bring to the BBQ

Posted on by Jennie

Happy FIRST free day of THREE glorious days of eating and drinking and being merry. I hope that y’all get to play this weekend, and get to rest up, too. Moderation, my friends.

Here are some things that we think you’d like to cook and bring to your various BBQs and parties, or just make to have around the house.

First off, we love LOVE this chicken dish. It’s easy, it’s delicious, and it well make your party smell divine.

Roasted Chicken + Goat Cheese | Garlic, My Soul

Make this Roasted Chicken on your grill and your friends will all thank you immensely.

Secondly, we know you need a pasta salad or potato salad because OBVIOUSLY that is what you need at a Memorial Day picnic.

Macaroni Salad | Garlic, My Soul

Try Mom’s Macaroni Salad or this Dill & Green Onion Potato Salad, and get happy.

Now, in case you’re wondering what to drink on Memorial Day, check out these Beers of Summer that should point you in the right direction.

Beers of Summer | Garlic, My Soul

And, if you’ve been put in charge of dessert? You should make this delicious chocolate bundt because they travel easily (thank you, bundt pan!) Or, make these lemon-lemon cupcakes because they’re self contained and don’t require plates or even napkins, really! Win/win/win.

Lemon-Lemon Cupcakes | Garlic, My Soul

We hope that you get to make something awesome to share this weekend!

What are you doing to celebrate the holiday?




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