“I don’t eat Brussels sprouts because they remind me of invasion of the body snatchers.”

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Or so says my father, which is a separate issue for another time. He didn’t eat the Brussels sprouts, but he was seriously missing out.

Recently, my father and brother came out to LA for a visit and stayed with me for about a week. You can’t realistically eat out for every meal during that time period and I have a GF kitchen that I wanted to remain in that state. The solution? GF meals that don’t make the gluten eaters of the world turn up their noses (though my father did anyway, based on his feelings on Brussels sprouts.) Since my family is a meat and potatoes sort of clan, that’s exactly what I made.

I can’t pass up a good purple vegetable, so we went with the small multicolored bag of them from Trader Joe’s. First, wash all the potatoes and Brussels and then quarter the potatoes and halve the Brussels.

Then throw them in a baking dish and added enough oil to lightly coat everything as well as salt and pepper to taste. I used my (clean) hands to mix all this business, which my brother thought was exceedingly strange, but I contend it is not.

Put the whole concoction in the oven for at least 35 minutes at 375 degrees. If it starts to brown too fast either turn down the heat and cook for longer or cover with tin foil to prevent burning.

About 10 to 15 minutes before you think the roasting potatoes and veggies will be done put your meat on the stove. Grease the pan with a bit of olive oil and put over a medium heat. The steak will take about 10 minutes to cook to rare, longer for more cooked meat, depending on the thickness.

Slowly the steaks will start to brown.

Try not to get too freaked out if the steak starts to bleed! Eventually, everything works out and you have a good solid meal to feed some hungry folks.

What are some things you serve to your family when they are at your house? I hope you get to eat steak, too!




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