I Can Believe It’s Not Ice Cream

Posted on by Jennie

Recently, Becca got a Yonanas maker, and we decided to try it out one night.

Here’s the box, with its claim included: “looks and tastes like soft serve ice cream!”

The idea is you use bananas as a base for your ice cream, then you can add items (we used berries.)

You use frozen bananas (peel, then freeze.) You feed them through the tube, and then you can add your frozen berries, chocolate, etc., and you should end up with soft serve consistency ice cream!

Here’s what we ended up with: a bowl of smoothie consistency frozen fruit. Was it delicious? Yes. Was it smooth? No. Did it taste like ice cream? Absolutely not. Could you get the same consistency from your blender? Yes, you can.

I’m sure we’ll use this again to try it out and see what creations we can come up with, but as far as being an ice cream replacement, this product just misses its mark. I’d say skip it and use your blender, instead!




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