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So if you’ve ever come home after a night of wine, or too much sun, or simply being outĀ just too late you know what it feels like to really, really need some water. In the summer, I feel like these days are plentiful, and I think that a lovely solution is to switch up how you hydrate. Insert vitamin water! Sometimes I see these at the store, but I personally don’t like fake sweeteners, and I don’t like to drink my sugar, either. So I decided to make some of my own vitamin water that would give me flavored water without the unneeded calories and taste.

You’ll need:

mint (or an herb of your choice)
blueberries (or a berry of your choice)
lemon (or a citrus of your choice)
cucumber (or a melon of your choice)

I started with mint…I crushed it a bit in my mortar to release the flavor.

Next, cut up a lemon (or orange, or lime, or grapefruit, or…)

Then maybe a handful of blueberries.

Stick ’em in a quart of water (or so.)

Add your mint and lemon…

And of course, some cucumber.

You can let this marry flavors overnight, or drink it immediately, or some combo of both. Mix and match for a delightful summer beverage!




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