Happy National Butterscotch Pudding Day!

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Butterscotch Pudding | Garlic, My Soul

I am so excited that we had the chance to make butterscotch pudding. Corelyn doesn’t love sweets, but butterscotch is her fave pudding, and it’s mine, too. In honor of National Butterscotch Pudding day, we whipped up this recipe and went to town!

Butterscotch Pudding | Garlic, My Soul

Now, the secret to butterscotch pudding is in the brown sugar – but this recipe steps it up, caramelizing the brown sugar first. Overall, the pudding was amazing, but it didn’t have¬†quite¬†the butterscotch taste we imagined – so we’ll have to just make it again. The things you do as a food blogger…

Butterscotch Pudding | Garlic, My SoulTop with milk chocolate ganache and whipped cream, and you have yourself a heavenly treat that will make any bad day turn around, and any good day a great one. We hope you find the time to have some butterscotch pudding today, whether it’s homemade or not – and if you’re willing to be our taste testers…well, we have a cooking day comin’ up this weekend…




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