Glutino Frozen Macaroni and Cheese Review

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This is my second choice for frozen mac and cheese. Amy’s makes a “GF” mac and cheese that is pretty delicious and has quite a bite. I put the GF in quotes because, unfortunately, Amy’s processes everything with wheat. I have a reaction to their products, and it makes my brain fuzzy when I eat it. So I had to exert some self control and put the nix on consuming said product, which is very sad – I really need Amy’s to get a separate manufacturing facility stat*.

However, Glutino makes an adequate if not somewhat plain, second choice. It lacks a punch, a hook, something for your tastebuds to latch onto. I find this to be extremely strange because they make it with a blend of monterey jack, cheddar, and parmesan cheese – a seemingly great combination.

Nevertheless, because it is my remaining and most available option I have developed some coping mechanisms to jazz it up! I tend to think of the product as a short cut and not a finished meal, simply a base that I can use to create a full meal.

So I make the prepackaged meal in the microwave, then I add in some extras. Usually I add some grated parm, sometimes bacon bits, and often something spicy;  crushed red pepper or perhaps Tapatio, my favorite hot sauce. These elements liven it up and I have an easy microwave meal.

So overall, Glutino, almost, but its not quite there yet. Maybe add some pepper jack? Maybe add a sharp cheddar? Something to change its lackluster taste to my number one choice!

The Glutino Frozen Mac and Cheese can be procured at Whole Foods and other such places. The price usually hovers in the $5 range and it does make an easy quick meal for those times when you don’t have time to execute a whole meal start to finish. Absolutely worth a try, so let me know what you think!

*While Amy’s does not have a separate manufacturing facility, it recently came to my attention that they do describe their gluten testing practices in their FAQs section and that they verify that gluten levels are under 20ppm.




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