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Happy Friday, y’all! This week we want to talk to you about spring cleaning and how to get back on track.

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Last weekend I spent the last weekend of 5 in a row traveling (that’s our pool in Palm Springs, how sick is that?!), and now I have two weeks to get on track before I head to London. But, before I do that, I have been thinking a lot about spring cleaning.

I personally think that New Year’s is at the wrong part of the year. It’s cold, it’s dark, there are leftover treats from the holidays, you’re rolling into another few months of winter…and suddenly you’re supposed to start eating healthier and working out every day?

No, no, no. The year should start in May. May is when the days are getting so long you can hardly believe winter exists, when the temperature heads to 70 and 80 and the sunshine pushed Vitamin D into your skin, and the CSAs abound with fruit and veggies and happiness.

It’s time for your New Year’s resolutions to kick off, and that starts with some Spring Cleaning.

1. So first up, I am into this article about Creating a Food Budget. It’s not a focus of GMS, but I am an advocate of healthy doesn’t mean expensive, and these tips can help you figure out what you’re spending, and where you’re spending.

2. To help you with one, try cleaning out your pantry with this Pantry Challenge. I might be checking out my pantry situation this weekend and letting you know what I have an how I plan to use it…I know I have like 4 cans of tomato paste and random bags of powdered sugar, several bears of honey, and at least two colors of quinoa…it’s time to get it straight in there.

3. So once you have your budget under control and your pantry in line, you might need to know WHAT to eat. I love this article from NYTimes that just reiterates some great suggestions for how to eat – like, eat real food. It’s hard, you guys. I know that, you know that, the world knows that, but I think we can do it. Spring makes it easier on us with farms markets and local produce in season and I think that we can step up our game, don’t you? (Also, this. #wisewords)

4. Unrelated to everything above (except that I also have a lot of oats and berries are back in season and I am really into finding pollinator-friendly almonds this weekend to make this) check out this recipe for Almond Berry Baked Oatmeal. I need this in my life stat.

5. Speaking of spring cleaning, I am trying to get rid of all my magazines and par down my printed lifestyle. I want to replace a one of my subscriptions for a new eco friendly hotel cleaning products catalog I heard of. Right now, I subscribe to NatGeo, Real Simple, and Bon Appetit. What magazines do you guys get? Do you have suggestions on ones I should get? Do you live in LA and feel like sharing a subscription with me so we have less paper? Do you read mags on a device? Let me know what you’re reading, whether it’s mags or books or whatever, I am always looking for something to lay eyes on!

Happy weekend, y’all!!


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