From Our Kitchen: Music, Books, and the Unexpected

Posted on by Jennie

Hey guys! Happy Friday before a three day weekend! How exciting.

So I have a couple of things to tell you today:

1) I sprained my wrist playing indoor soccer. This has lead to the slow realization that I have to only do standing-posed yoga, that I cannot hold a cast iron with my left hand, and that maybe I shouldn’t play so hard because I am 29. As a result, you might have noticed that things around here are going to be…simple for the next few weeks. I gotta let this heal, which is hard for me, but I am trying to be gentle.

Stiff | Mary Roach

2) I have been doing a lot of reading this summer, and right now I am 100 pages into “Stiff” which is about cadavers and all the uses for them (crash test dummies, medical testing, etc.) It is FASCINATING and I am trying not to over share to Jeff, who is generally not interested in hearing gruesome information about bodies before bed. I love nonfiction and if you do, too, you’ll want to pick this up!

3) I can’t believe we haven’t given you a playlist in a year, but we haven’t. Here’s one that I often can be found listening to on repeat.

4) It’s Labor Day weekend, and that means time off + BBQs. Thinking about several recipes from this list, mainly grilled pizza and all kinds of meat skewers. What are y’all doing?

5) This piece from The Salt – I hope that Dock to Dish catches on as yet another way for us to connect to our local ecology. I love seeing all the people that are surrounding me be passionate about their line of work – it gives me hope for the future!

What are you cooking this weekend? What have you been reading lately? Tell me, I’ll be done with this book soon enough!

Happy weekend, chickadees!




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