From Our Kitchen: Kombucha, Gardens, and Laughing

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The Internet is a never-ending porthole into other people’s lives, to interesting recipes and ideas, and to funny videos that will knock “Charlie bit me!” out of the water (just kidding, that is the funniest, forever.)

LA Sunset | Garlic, My Soul

Summer skies await me this weekend – here’s to getting outside + cooking, always

Some links around the web that inspired me this week:

SouleMama’s Garden post…lusting after such a garden in this forever-drought
* I really, really want to make kombucha at home. Maybe I’ll try in the fall once we move (if we ever, ever move) and Jeff won’t be able to find it and ask what it is…
* This video had me laughing my face off, because let’s be real: onions are hard to master.
* I love zucchini, and Jeff does not. I think I have solved the problem. Or, rather, King Arthur Flour has (yet again!) I will make cookies…that solves everything, right? #butter4evah
* Do you guys read the Salt? I love it, and I love articles like this that teach us a little more every day about nutrition. Basically, let’s go back to eat food, mostly plants.
* This article about fresh v. processed food, and how they’re actually not opposites. It’s nice to bring some logic to these arguments and good food for thought when you’re planning out what you’re eating.

Unrelated but also:

* I think I am going to try an experiment to lower the amount of gluten I eat. Just to see what happens. I am starting small, and trying to cut it out of breakfast, which I think will be an easy place – right now I have bran flakes, blueberries, and yogurt nearly every day. I am going to switch to oatmeal, or eggs, or who knows what else. What do you guys think? What’s a filling breakfast that I can try?
* This weekend is Test Kitchen #2, and we’re kickin’ it paleo. Wish us luck!

Happy Weekend, you guys! What are you up to in the next two days?




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  1. Mary

    I’m the same about gluten – I am trying to really limit it because when I listen to my body, I feel better when it is being fueled by meat, veggies, and fruits rather than breads and cereals. I eat eggs almost every day, and egg muffins are super easy to make (and to make ahead to grab-and-go). I also use my blender a lot, an odd-but-delicious smoothie I love is spinach, grapefruit, a spoonful of your preferred nut butter, and enough water to make it drinkable consistency. Some fat in the smoothies will do a great job of keeping you full – my go-tos are (a) nut butter (b) avocado (c) coconut milk – not water (d) whole milk yogurt.

  2. Nancy Hayford

    One egg omelet filled with spinach, red peppers, mushrooms, and low fat cheese. (one egg w/2 tbsps water well whipped) I don’t think there is any gluten? sometimes I add leftover asparagus or string beans and of course you can add small tomatoes too! It was part of the South Beach Diet years ago and I’ve been making it ever since!

  3. Lauren

    On gluten: try (maybe) swapping into breakfast sprouted grain toast ( or Ezekiel makes granola too) and omitting gluten from dinner instead. My experience is that carbohydrates fuel better in the morning and are wasted at night.
    I also found that switching to sprouted grain eliminated the effects of gluten but didn’t force me totally out of my habit. As in, WTF would I put butter on if it weren’t for Ezekiel toast?!
    Other thoughts on this: if the food product acts like a sponge when it’s in your sink, it probably does the same in your stomach. Avoid soggy sponges in your stomach which = bloated AF.
    Oh! If you’d probably like this: Ezekiel granola stirred into almond milk/hemp milk/coconut cream/yogurt (I do goats milk yogurt in avoidance of more bloating) and generous amount of cinnamon (and sometimes some instant coffee, because
    It’s delicious) and let it sit over night. It softens the granola, which is crunchier than typical granola. It’s spectacular.
    Isn’t bloated the weirdest word ever? I don’t even like it. As a word.