Fresh Pea Hummus + Radishes

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Pea Hummus | Garlic, My Soul

Remember those radishes from yesterday? Today, I’m giving you something to put them in, or something to dip into with them. I am on a pea kick because peas are gorgeous and delicious, so I whipped up this Martha Stewart Pea Hummus recipe this weekend. Side note: did you know that Trader Joe’s has fresh tahini? YUM.

Pea Hummus | Garlic, My Soul

This hummus is so easy it’s almost ridiculous. I mean, tops five minutes including cooking your peas. I used my food processor, but you can use a blender if it’s all you have. This is perfect with pita chips, or radish crisps, or fresh veggies, spread on pasta…you get the idea. It’s basically like a pea pesto, but the tahini kicks it up a notch. Also, I used like four cloves of garlic, because I love garlic (duh!) and I love the kick it gives this. Plus, garlic is so good for you, you should probably just be adding double to everything anyways (that’s our mantra!)

Pea Hummus | Garlic, My Soul

Pea Hummus | Garlic, My SoulPea everything, you guys. Peas are our new bff for the season. What’s a veg you’re crushing on right now? Besides peas, we’re really into using greens from foods you otherwise might now (look out for a beet green smoothie…coming soon!)


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