Down and dirty: roasted tomatoes

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There are a handful of recipes out there that people think are extremely hard to make, and it’s just not so. One of those is homemade cake — not hard, just a little time consuming. Another is pesto — quick, easy, and so delicious when fresh.

A third is roasted tomatoes, I think. I used to think that roasted tomatoes would be complicated, or at the very least require me to watch ’em. Something so delicious couldn’t be so easy to make, right? Wrong. Very, very wrong.

Last week, I had a batch of tomatoes I knew wasn’t going to last until the end of the week, and I was having a quick, embarrassing dinner of mac and cheese. I wanted a vegetable…and roasted tomatoes quickly became my side! This was imperative to the end of the season of tomatoes, as I have been not so into them this season, and they definitely redeemed themselves in this delicious form.

 Take some tomatoes.

Doesn’t that tomato look like it has a ‘stache? Or is that just me?

Cut them in half!

Cut out the sees and the cores!

Little tomato cups! How delightful!

Cover with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, then sprinkle with garlic, sugar, salt, and pepper.

Roast ’em for like 20 minutes.

Then these babies will turn into…

These. Not so pretty. But oh-so-good!!

And there you have friends! An easy side with those extra tomatoes you don’t know what to do with.

What recipes do you make that people think are so fancy but really are so easy you could make ’em in your sleep?



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