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Because coffee was our April ingredient, I thought it important to tackle a dessert that brought out the wonderful taste of coffee (coffee flavored cake whilst drinking coffee? Yes, please!)

I found this recipe from PW, and decided that it was the perfect birthday cake for Ms. Becca, who also loves coffee as much as Corelyn and I do. Plus, it’d give me an excuse to use some more of the instant coffee I’ve had laying around ever since I made mocha brownies from the PW challenge.

A few notes on the originally recipe: 1) put your water to boil on FIRST for your instant coffee, and 2) mix your dry ingredients while your butter is melting! This will save you valuable time in the kitchen!

Butter, melting. This is already off to a delicious start.

Dry ingredients: flour, sugar, salt. Yum!

This photo proves I’d be no good at committing crimes. I had butter on my hands, and then poured the flour to measure…and left my finger printed behind! Whoops…guess I know crime is not a career for me.

Some instant coffee for you. This is starting to get good, folks.

This is my boiling water, which I put on before I mixed the flour, so I could save time. Otherwise, you’re standing around waiting for water to boil, and then it never will, as the old saying goes…

So now, add your coffee to the butter. Coffee butter = best thing ever = dangerous combo. I almost ate it out of the pan, but I thought you’d think that was gross, so I didn’t…much.

So over here, we have buttermilk, eggs, baking soda, and vanilla. Also delicious.

Add the coffee and the butter to the flour/sugar mixture….try not to eat it all.

Then add the egg/buttermilk mixture. You must taste this because it’s sinful.

Now, you’re ready for the cake tins (you’ve floured and lined, right?!)

PW says 20 minutes, mine took about 30, but after some time, take ’em out.

Then, you obviously need to let them cool before you ice them with the coffee frosting.

Yes, that’s right: coffee, coffee, coffee. It’s everywhere.

Here is the delicious cake (you can literally SEE the coffee!) ready to be eaten. Everyone loved it…one of these days, I’ll get you an inside shot, since these cakes go so quickly at work it’s hard for me to snap a shot!

Do you have a favorite coffee item? Let us know, we’ll have to make it!



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