Classic French Toast

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Classic French Toast | Garlic, My Soul

I love making breakfast. In case you don’t follow my Instagram, trust me when I say there’s nothing I love more than a fried egg with avocado, toast, and some sriracha. On Valentine’s Day this year, I made us French Toast for breakfast. My love language is food, and this dish was the most special love I could whip up – a warm, slightly crispy and sweet plate of toast? Yes, please.

Classic French Toast | Garlic, My Soul Classic French Toast | Garlic, My Soul

French Toast is so easy and yet tastes so delicious. The hardest part is waiting to flip it and giving it the perfect crust of fried. You basically let bread soak in an egg and cream mixture (with cinnamon for good measure) for ten minutes on each side, to soak in all the eggy goodness, then cook it in butter. Does it get better?

I followed Martha’s recipe and I have to say it was pretty delicious. I used Trader Joe’s sourdough sliced bread, and it was the perfect thing to share for a special Sunday morning breakfast.

Classic French Toast | Garlic, My Soul

Served with some powdered sugar and real maple syrup, this was definitely a perfect breakfast. With a side of clementines, obviously, because we must balance our meals, am I right?


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