Catching Up: Griffith Park BBQ

Posted on by Corelyn

Continuing our tale…

We headed over to Griffith Park around 3:00 and Andrew prepped the grill.

There was an obscene amount of food for only about 6 people…

The boys made fire…

The girls looked pretty…

While the grill cooled to the perfect burger temperature, Jeff, Jennie, Andrew and I played some soccer.

Then things got serious. Here’s our first burger hitting the grill. We mixed a package of onion soup mix, a little worcester and some bbq sauce into these patties. With a little more barbecue sauce on top, they were absolutely delicious.

Of course no Jennie/Corelyn cookout is complete without veggie kabobs!

I convinced Andrew to try some pasta salad. He liked it, and I think he even got his own serving.

And after dinner? S’mores! Our friend Ellen models the proper s’more chomping technique.

I like my mallows to literally catch fire so I can eat the burnt part. Unfortunately this sometimes results in mallow emergencies, like this one above. We lit this mallow aflame, dropped it in the charcoal, fished it out again, and finally agreed that a fresh marshmallow was needed.




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