Strawberry Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

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Around Easter, a co-workers birthday prompted me to make some strawberry cupcakes with buttercream frosting. But I also wanted them to be somewhat special – so I topped them with dark chocolate eggs. OK, so really I just wanted dark chocolate eggs, and I knew that was a good excuse to buy them – you caught me. I had a few friends over (thanks B and C) so we were able to ice (or rather, Jeff iced) them and top ’em quite quickly!

I had made strawberry cake last summer for Ellen’s birthday, but it was a little crumbly, and I wanted these cupcakes to stay together so I found another recipe here.

I used fresh strawberries to start with.

I didn’t cut the middles out, but I did slice the tops off.

I stuck ’em into my food processor for a good puree. By the way, who loves their food processor? Ours makes a noise like a banshee is in my brain, and I think I might start losing my hearing or mind if I kept using it…any recommendations?

Then I proceeded to mix the strawberry puree with eggs, milk, and vanilla.

Then I added the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt…then I read that I wasn’t supposed to do that. I was supposed to add the above mentioned ingredients to the bowl, add the butter, THEN add the wet ingredients. I improvised, and added the butter last. It ended up with a smidge of butter at the bottom of each cupcake, but no one complained…I might just start making them like that!

I could show you photos of cupcakes being put into the oven and coming out, but that’d be boring, and probably repetitive, so here’s a photo of frosting instead! I waited a day to frost mine, but just make sure you wait until they cool before you ice!

And here they are with little chocolates! I used left over cupcake liners from another project, and they turned out quite colorful!

These were quite easy, and the cake recipe made 24 cupcakes. I highly suggest you make these for someone who likes strawberry — and soon. They’ll think your tops.

What is your favorite cupcake? Chocolate? Simple vanilla? Crazy chilé? Is there such a thing as chilé cupcakes?

Hmm…maybe something to try!



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